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John H. Luxton Photography

    Transport and industrial history related interests have occupied almost my entire life, with photography being an associated and inseparable past time since the age of 5. I first used my mother’s Bakelite Kodak Brownie 127 in 1964 before I received my own up to date 127 Brownie in 1965. It actually had film / shutter release interlocking!

    In my teens my grandfather gave me his Praktica Nova 1 SLR and used this until I bought my own cameras after leaving school.

    Quite a succession of cameras from Contax, Leica, Rollei and Minox followed.

    The switch from 35mm to digital took place gradually between 2000 and 2002.

    Today I use a range of Leica digital cameras - XVario, V-lux 3 and X1.
    I hope you enjoy the ever expanding collection of photographs on this site including my extensive 35mm archive which I am in the process of scanning.

    John Luxton

    email: jhluxton@btinternet.com