John H. Luxton Photography

    My entire life has revolved around transport and industrial history related interests. Since around the age of 5 photography has been an inseparable associated past time.

    My mother's bakalite Kodak Brownie 127 camera was the first camera I used around 1964. I received my own up to date plastic Brownie 127 in 1965 which had film / shutter release interlock preventing unwanted double or even triple exposures!

    By my early teens I had the loan of my grandfather's 35mm Praktica Nova 1 SLR. A succession of mainly Rollei, Contax and Leica cameras followed my Grandfather's old Praktica with the switch from 35mm to digital taking place in 2002.

    Today I use a range of Leica cameras - X-Vario, V-lux 3 and X1.

    Since 1995 I have run the Irish Sea Shipping web site at www.irishseashipping.com which features many of my ship photographs.

    I hope you enjoy the photographs on these pages.